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Hi, I'm CP Coulter. Welcome to my Tumblog! I might put original pieces, fanfiction, and fan-related things here. But remember: this is NOT a spoiler free zone, so enter at your own risk!
Rated: T
WC: 450,939
Post-Furt: Spinning off from Glee, Kurt begins an entirely new chapter in his life at Dalton Academy for Boys. Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined.
The Stanton High School Fabulous Five
Rated: T
WC: 9,350
Side Story - Blaine
Before Blaine ever came to Dalton Academy, he had a small family of friends in Stanton High School. This is how they came to be, and how they separated.
Freshman Orientation
Rated: G
WC: 1,013
Side Story - All
The current generation of Dalton Boys at their freshman orientation. (aka The One Where They All Met)
Kurt, Reed, and Coco
Rated: G
WC: 689
Side Story - Windsor
Events that happened during the New York trilogy arc. Kurt goes to visit Reed's home in New York and meets a fluffy friend.
New Year's Greetings From East to West
Rated: G
WC: 555
Side Story - Stuart
Extra scene from Dalton's Episode "3...2...1". Logan makes a phone call to a friend across the country.
Always Perfect
Rated: T
WC: 2,592
Side Story - Stuart
Extra Scene from Dalton's Episode 20: "Double Acts". These are the events that happened prior to Kurt's visit to Stuart House.
A Rainy Story
Rated: T
WC: 1,275
Side Story - Hanover
This is a story about Hanover House, and how one of their most beloved members, Merril Portman, arrived at Dalton Academy.
Cat's Sleeping
Rated: G
WC: 634
Side Story - Stuart
Taken from 30 Days of Dalton, the Stuart trio have a moment of peace in the Hamptons. A small kiss may be involved.
With the Tide
Rated: G
WC: 1,241
Side Story - All
A beach full of rowdy Dalton boys on vacation. Vigilance pays off when a crisis arises.
I'll Cover You
Rated: G
WC: 729
Side Story - Windsor
Kurt gets sick. The Windsors are trying to be helpful when they are anything but.

My sister and I are going to have a photoshoot tomorrow in Ortigas!¬†YAAAAAY!! (I love my sister to bits, if you can’t tell). So I tried to experiment on makeup tonight, trying to come up with something that wasn’t my usual style… I messed around with my sister’s camera in the meantime to document it. XD Turned out okay. XDDD Wahahaha! I’ve never had a chance to use this peacock blue eyeliner before (mainly because…well, it’s kind of too flashy normally, right? XD)

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