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Rated: T
WC: 450,939
Post-Furt: Spinning off from Glee, Kurt begins an entirely new chapter in his life at Dalton Academy for Boys. Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined.
The Stanton High School Fabulous Five
Rated: T
WC: 9,350
Side Story - Blaine
Before Blaine ever came to Dalton Academy, he had a small family of friends in Stanton High School. This is how they came to be, and how they separated.
Freshman Orientation
Rated: G
WC: 1,013
Side Story - All
The current generation of Dalton Boys at their freshman orientation. (aka The One Where They All Met)
Kurt, Reed, and Coco
Rated: G
WC: 689
Side Story - Windsor
Events that happened during the New York trilogy arc. Kurt goes to visit Reed's home in New York and meets a fluffy friend.
New Year's Greetings From East to West
Rated: G
WC: 555
Side Story - Stuart
Extra scene from Dalton's Episode "3...2...1". Logan makes a phone call to a friend across the country.
Always Perfect
Rated: T
WC: 2,592
Side Story - Stuart
Extra Scene from Dalton's Episode 20: "Double Acts". These are the events that happened prior to Kurt's visit to Stuart House.
A Rainy Story
Rated: T
WC: 1,275
Side Story - Hanover
This is a story about Hanover House, and how one of their most beloved members, Merril Portman, arrived at Dalton Academy.
Cat's Sleeping
Rated: G
WC: 634
Side Story - Stuart
Taken from 30 Days of Dalton, the Stuart trio have a moment of peace in the Hamptons. A small kiss may be involved.
With the Tide
Rated: G
WC: 1,241
Side Story - All
A beach full of rowdy Dalton boys on vacation. Vigilance pays off when a crisis arises.
I'll Cover You
Rated: G
WC: 729
Side Story - Windsor
Kurt gets sick. The Windsors are trying to be helpful when they are anything but.
30 Days of Dalton

Fine. You wanted the Jogan sort-of kiss moment. You people are scary. x_X


Cat’s Sleeping


"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Derek demanded as his hands looked as though they were about to snap the controller into two from the force of his efforts in manipulating his virtual combatant. Colors were in a kaleidoscopic riot all over the screen and the fighting game roared loudly.

Logan just grinned as he played calmly from next to him. “You’re just mad because you haven’t won a single game.”

"Screw you, man—I kicked your ass in tennis earlier." Derek hissed as Logan’s character landed another devastating combo on his. "This is cheating!"

"You’re just mad you’re getting beaten by a rookie at this stupid game."

"You don’t even like video games!” Derek howled as Logan’s character slammed his to the fence of the ring.

"Doesn’t mean I can’t beat you in them." Logan smirked as he thrashed Derek’s fighter in a few more swings and the game proudly declared his victory. 

The varsity player groaned and threw the controller into the floor. Logan was positive that it was broken now. “Whatever, man, that was stupid. Fucking ridiculous.”

"Loser." Logan grinned. "Pay up."

"Go to hell, man—that was beginner’s luck! And for all I know, you were cheating! Cheating!!" Derek yelled as Logan rose to his feet with a laugh.

"Stop being such a crybaby, Derek, it was just a game." Logan dusted his pants off. "And you did really suck at it."

"Like you suck at tennis?" Derek suddenly grinned.

"Oh you’re going to pull that card?" Logan snorted and shoved him with his foot.

Derek just laughed. “I gave you two bagels, man—I beat the almighty Logan Wright in tennis. Like I always do.”

"Always??" Logan demanded.

"Shut up, Lo, Jules is asleep!"

Logan turned to the window and smirked at the sight of the actor curled up at the great bay window of the living room. The spring sun poured into the Siegersons’ Hamptons manor, and most of it fell into Julian, who looked like nothing on the planet could wake him, one arm dangling over the side, fingertips brushing the floor.

"Like that’d wake him. Look at that idiot," Logan snorted. "Doesn’t he do anything but sleep?"

"Don’t you do anything but complain?" Derek said sarcastically.

Logan just laughed and nudged Derek with a foot again. “Got anything to eat in this hellhole, D?”

"Mm—kitchen. Think they got us something." Derek already had his mind back on the video game as he put a different one in, possibly plotting Logan’s demise in that one instead. "You could always go out and buy us something though, Your Majesty."

"Yeah, all right." Logan patted Derek’s shoulder and headed to the direction of the door.

He passed Julian, who still looked too comfortable in the bay window. He’d been tired, and maybe the jet lag still got to him. Logan smirked a little. Maybe he and Derek could let him sleep a little longer before waking him to eat. Otherwise he’d be even bitchier than he was this morning, and the whole mood was too good to ruin with that.

He casually picked up one of the quilts lying by the couch and walked to Julian. He almost passed for human, this idiot, when he was like that. Absently, and not really thinking about it, Logan dropped a very light kiss on Julian’s hair and then pulled the quilt over him.

"Mm…" Julian just curled up a little more under the quilt, almost a complaint for being touched.

Stupid, spoiled brat. All of them were, but Julian had to be the worst. Let the primadonna sleep. He stalked out of the room to try and find them all something to eat before Derek got even sorer for his loss earlier, and for any succeeding ones to follow.

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